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 Children of Dyfunctional Robots
Navigating mobile robots


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 Children of Dysfunctional Robots - Back Cover


"A side of the Navy that Tom Clancy never got to see!"
"You're not going to publish this, are you?"
"If you like high-tech practical jokes, you'll love this, whatever it is."
"It's amazing you're still alive!"
"I thought it was hysterical!"
"Absolutely one of the most politically incorrect collections in existence!"
"I think you were just trying to impress your military buddies."
"A Navy version of Dr. Richard Feynman (almost)!"
"Before you publish this, you better find out if Salman Rushdie needs a roomate!"
"The book is a scream!  I was laughing out loud most of the time."
"You need to be in a very small box, with no windows."

 Children of Dysfuntional Robots - Sample Chapters

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